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LOVE YOUR LIFE We specialize in equipping entrepreneurs to be more profitable in their businesses so they can be more impactful to people and experience more Joy and freedom in their lives. We call this Profit Freedom! Click Here THAT’S PROFIT FREEDOM LOVE YOUR BUSINESS Check Out Our Ladies in Faith and Enterprise Community Click Here With Ladies in Faith and Enterprise (L.I.F.E.) We empower Black Christian businesswomen to infuse their businesses with their faith. We do this by providing a supportive community focused on spiritual and professional growth. Together we can help each other to be more profitable as God directs so we have more Freedom in our lives! Sign-up Now Come and WHOOOSAAAHHH in Bermuda. With ReJoyce Experiences we facilitate amazing wholesome retreats and experiences for Faith based travelers and BUSY business owners so they can relax, rejuvenate and recharge. Where they can truly experience their God given Joy and Freedom Busy Business Owner, or Faith Based Traveler??

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At Fusion 4 Business we are a financial management and external CFO firm that provides Small Businesses and their owners consulting, coaching and accounting so that they experience profit freedom in their business and lifeWe look at the business holistically and leverage our over 40 years of experience to help our clients maximize financial health and wealth.

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Let us show you how to maximize your potential and reach your goals through our various training programs.


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With our VIP consultation and one on one assistance, we help guide you in the right direction. We can answer the questions you have to solve the problems you may not know you had!

  • Bookkeeper/Accountant - Assist with operational financial records, ensures accurate reporting, and maintains compliance with accounting standards.
  • Financial Advisor - To assist teams and business owners with growth and scaling strategies cash management and compliance.
  • External CFO - Offers high-level financial strategy and management expertise on a part-time or project basis, ideal for growing businesses.
  • U.S. Tax Services - Navigate complex tax laws to optimize your personal or business returns, ensure compliance, and assist you with tax authorities.

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Security Solutions

Security Solutions “Mrs. Hayward has been instrumental in getting our accounting in order! We were using the old Quickbooks Desktop version until she organized and

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