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The sky is not the limit! Let us show you how to maximize your potential and reach your goals through our various training programs. We help guide you in the right direction. We can answer the questions you have to solve the problems you may not know you had!

Client Reviews

Complete Care Clinic

When I didn’t really know my numbers, I was working and working and working, I wasn’t sure why the bottom line didn’t seem like it should. Keeping track of the numbers is VERY important, so know how you’re doing and where you’re heading. You need to know your numbers to know If anything is going on in the business that you are not aware of. Knowing the numbers helps with knowing how to price properly and make corrections. When you know your numbers, you can plan for future expansion of the business Knowing your numbers helps you to know if and find if there are holes where money is leaking out of your business. In all KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. Trying to do it all in-house (your bookkeeping/accounting division) is not the best use of your time. Having a professional accountant to oversee your business will allow you to focus on what you’re good at - and it is a worthwhile decision so you can have confidence in your numbers.
- Dr. Cindy Morris, Owner

ER Fishers & Food

A good foundation is needed in place in order to be most successful. Having a strong foundation in place helps to move the business forward. A good foundation also helps management handle the matters that arise when policies, procedures are clear with your personnel. Joyce is a proven leader in business coaching and advice. Her methodical process of understanding your business goals wants and needs is a natural ability. We started a business that had significant gaps that needed overwhelming structural and personnel improvements. Without Joyce to help walk us through every step of business processes and procedures we would not still be in business. We can’t thank her enough.
- ER Fishers & Food

Davinci Dental

Moving from being an employee to becoming a business owner was a big shift for me. Shifting to an entrepreneurial mindset was important and working with Joyce made it so much easier. As an entrepreneur, I quickly learned that you must consider many areas to ensure the business is operating as it should. I learned that it is important to think ahead and view the money you make as a return on the investment in your business – not just something to spend. Because Joyce is optimistic and looks on the bright side, she allows you to be the same in all situations that can arise. As an entrepreneur, I also learned that I have think as successful entrepreneurs think and know where to use the monies I generate, how to use those funds and where to use the funds; which all need to be in my and my business’ best interest. Joyce assisted with these points noted above, and helped me to move my business forward with a positive entrepreneurial mindset.
- Dr. Aleesha, Owner