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We help business owners who struggle with profitability to maximize their financial health and wealth. In working with us, our clients will be aware of their financial concerns (issues/matters). We are different than other accountants and financial professionals because we use a comprehensive approach yet make the numbers simple …. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to be more profitable, understand their finances, and move toward financial health and wealth, contact us today!

Our Consulting Services

We partner with other businesses, including CPA’s, tax professionals, financiers, attorneys, and we FUSE together people, places, and things as needed to help businesses and business owners achieve their objectives and maximize their potential. With Fusion, we can bring it together to assist you and your business with achieving the level wealth you deserve.

  • Financial analysis to assist with profit maximization

  • Business planning and assistance with Business plans in relation to financial information and strategic analysis

  • Tax advisory services (Payroll, Social Insurance, and US taxes, including FATCA assistance)

  • Assistance in preparation of financing packages for presentation to banks and investors; as well as other types of businesses, financial, and lending institutions

  • Assistance with timely preparation of accurate and timely financial statements

  • Assistance with budgeting and cash flow analysis, including review and analysis of receivables and payables

  • Assistance with financial dashboards and/or scorecards for review of financial health

  • Advice for best practices in business operations, asset management and overall technical, accounting and financial management to assist with business strategy, better efficiency, growth, as well as maintenance of financial health

  • Risk assessment and internal audit type reviews

  • Business valuation

  • Training in business and finance/finances to both management and/or staff

  • Speaking engagements to individuals and business in the business and/or financial arena

  • Available to sit on Boards of Directors or assist management teams with financial information and guidance

  • Other services as applicable – to be determined based on your needs

What we actually learn, from any given set of circumstances, determines whether we become increasingly powerless or more powerful.

Blaine Lee

Consultation Packages

Choose from one of our packages below to get started on your journey towards success and profitability right now.

One on One Coaching

Ongoing; 3 Months Minimum
One on One Coaching Over 30 years of investment in personal development, training, courses, seminars, courses, coaching, and…
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Group Master Classes

Twice Per Month For 3 Months
Group Master Classes Benefit from Joyce’s 30+ years of experience and expertise in business, finance, and accounting to…
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