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We at F4B are the leading financial consulting, coaching and management firm for entrepreneurs and business owners that specializes in helping clients maximize profitability. Unlike other accounts or financial professionals… our approach simplifies and demystifies the “numbers” and we provide a (holistic and) comprehensive approach by leveraging the profit first system*and our over 20 years of experience to help our clients maximize financial health and wealth.

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7700 Old Branch Ave Suite A 102 Clinton, MD 20735 USA
1 Pain Lane St. Georges, Bermuda GE03
US: (240) 993 9123
Bermuda: (441) 505 2645

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Thank you for visiting F4B where we help Maximize Profitability for Today’s Small Business. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us to work with us, or to learn more about our services and where we can help YOU be profitable as you put Profit First!