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“When l didn’t really know my numbers, I was working and working and working, I wasn’t sure why the bottom line didn’t seem like it should.
Keeping track of the numbers is VERY important, so know how you’re doing and where you’re heading. You need to know your numbers to know

If anything is going on in the business that you are not aware of. Knowing the numbers helps with knowing how to price properly and make
corrections. When you know your numbers, you can plan for future expansion of the business Knowing your numbers helps you to know if and
find if there are holes where money is leaking out of your business. In all KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. Trying to do it all in-house (your
bookkeeping/accounting division) is not the best use of your time. Having a professional accountant to oversee your business will allow you to
focus on what you’re good at – and it is a worthwhile decision so you can have confidence in your numbers.”

– Dr. Cindy Morris, Owner