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The Profit Freedom Program helps business owners have more Profit in their business so they can have more Freedom in their lives.
The program goes through how you we can help you put your business on the path toward more profitability.
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Profit Freedom Program Offers

A – 7-week program where you and a cohort of other business owners will go through the 7 Keys to assist you to Maximize Profitability
Jump start your business toward Profit Freedom – Starting where you are


  • Those going through the program will be part of mastermind where the participants will connect with one another so that business owners can assist one another (just as ‘iron sharpens iron’ we sharpen one another)

  • Joyce and other professionals…will provide assistance along this journey

  • There will be learning weeks that you can discuss and share with one another

  • There will be home work/work for you to do and the mastermind can work together to share and assist one another

  • You will have benefit of their knowledge, insight, experience and expertise

  • Calls will be recorded in case your schedule doesn’t permit, you can get access


  • This is a community of persons like you and me who also want Profitable business and want to Maximize Profitability so they have more Profit in their Business and  More Freedom in their Lives

  • Training interviews will be in the Private Facebook Group page

  • There will be pop up/live sessions in the Private Facebook group

  • This is a place where like minds can come together to collaborate


  • Where a specific problem or area will be the focus once a month

  • Joyce and the group will work on the solution to help the business owner with resolution, where all learn from the experience.

  • Where like minded business owners who are also on the “Profit Freedom Journey” work together so that iron can truly sharpen iron.

  • Where persons hold one another accountable

  • Where you can work with others who are SERIOUS about results

Join us now and ask about how you can get JUMP STARTED toward Profit Freedom


Periodic discussions where professionals and other business owners will talk about their busines and give information, insight and what works for them.

You can ask questions and each session is recorded. The round table allows to you to have check ins with where you are and where you are going

To learn more, schedule a discovery session with Joyce

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